Jobsite Tables

Jobsite tables, worktables, and worktops are essential wherever there's a need for a sturdy, reliable surface to work on. These tables are practical aids and an extra pair of hands for completing your projects—whether you're a professional carpenter, woodworker, or DIY enthusiast. Featuring robust construction, these tables can support heavy loads and withstand rigorous use. They are made from high-quality, durable materials such as reinforced steel frames and tough work surfaces. Adjustable heights and foldable designs make them versatile and easy to transport. Choose the right table for your needs—be it a portable jobsite table, a spacious worktable, or a specialized worktop for precise tasks.

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CRAFTMAKER Pro Station S30 Workbench

The multifunctional foldable workbench CRAFTMAKER Pro Station S30 provides you with an easily portable work surface. A sturdy MDF work top with cleverly placed holes for stops...

Code: 694720
Metal Folding Workbench CRAFTMAKER SteelBench S110 - 1

CRAFTMAKER SteelBench S110 is a versatile folding workbench. Durable stainless steel worktop with 20 mm worktop holes for bench dogs, clamps and other...

Code: 694750
STRONGBOLD StrongBench B910 Multipurpose Workbench

Multipurpose worktable table, height-adjustable platform, and rolling creeper bench STRONGBOLD® StrongBench B910. Steel construction, foldable and height-adjustable legs, bottom...

Code: 385910
CRAFTMAKER FoldStation S20 Adjustable Sawhorse and Worktop

CRAFTMAKER® FoldStation S20 is a practical sawhorse that can be swiftly and easily converted into a multipurpose worktable with bench holes. Steel construction,...

Code: 694220
CRAFTMAKER Tilt & Rise Multipurpose Worktop for Multihorse 4-in-1

CRAFTMAKER® Workbench Tilt & Rise is interchangeable and multipurpose worktop for CRAFTMAKER Multihorse 4-in-1. This interchangeable adapter serves as a portable...

Code: 692420
portacube stand table

The Bora Portacube STR Miter Saw Workstation is ideal to be used with miter saws and other table power tools. It is a 2-in-1 piece of equipment that combines the functionality...

Code: 230025
CRAFTMAKER Bench Dog - 4 pcs

4-piece set of plastic Bench Dogs from CRAFTMAKER® for workbenches, stations, boards, and sawhorses. Contains 4 shaped stops. Practical Bench Dog for your workbench. Ideal as an...

Code: 694630
CRAFTMAKER Compartment for S30

Plastic compartment CRAFTMAKER® for the folding workbench ProStation S30. A practical accessory that you attach to the side of the table. Thanks to its light color, you won't...

Code: 694640