Glue accessories

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Titebond Titebrush Silicone Glue Brush

High-quality and durable Titebond Titebrush glue brush with a plastic handle and 100% silicone bristles. Ideal for use with most polyurethane glues. When finished let the...

Code: 220021
Glue Applicator Set

Glue applicator set containing three accessories. Makes glue application easy on any flat surface and helps to quickly apply glue into openings. Fast, practical, and clean.

Code: 220019
Titebond Wood Glue Pump

The Titebond wood glue pump is suitable for 3,8 and 9-liter (so-called PROjug) glues. Allows easy dispensing without waste when it comes to filling smaller containers. The cap...

Code: 220022