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CRAFTMAKER Multihorse 4in1 WorkBench

CRAFTMAKER Multihorse 4in1 Workbench is a multipurpose height adjustable sawhorse and a roller support. 4 functions in one – can be converted into a classic sawhorse with a...

Code: 692415
CRAFTMAKER Pro Station S30 Workbench

The multifunctional foldable workbench CRAFTMAKER Pro Station S30 provides you with an easily portable work surface. A sturdy MDF work top with cleverly placed holes for stops...

Code: 694720
CRAFTMAKER FoldStation S20 Adjustable Sawhorse and Worktop

CRAFTMAKER® FoldStation S20 is a practical sawhorse that can be swiftly and easily converted into a multipurpose worktable with bench holes. Steel construction,...

Code: 694220
Metal Folding Workbench CRAFTMAKER SteelBench S110 - 1

CRAFTMAKER SteelBench S110 is a versatile folding workbench. Durable stainless steel worktop with 20 mm worktop holes for bench dogs, clamps and other...

Code: 694750
CRAFTMAKER Tilt & Rise Multipurpose Worktop for Multihorse 4-in-1

CRAFTMAKER® Workbench Tilt & Rise is interchangeable and multipurpose worktop for CRAFTMAKER Multihorse 4-in-1. This interchangeable adapter serves as a portable...

Code: 692420

CRAFTMAKER Roller X-Stand is a foldable portable roller support and an ideal assistant when working with long materials such as wooden boards, steel profiles, or pipes. The...

Code: 692840
CRAFTMAKER X-Stand Roller 3in1

CRAFTMAKER Roller X-Stand 3in1 is a foldable portable roller support and an ideal assistant when working with long materials, such as wooden planks, steel profiles, or pipes....

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CRAFTMAKER Rubber Coated Steel Hooks - Set of 6 pcs

Set of snap-on steel hooks by CRAFTMAKER with a rubberized surface. A steel rail with embossments, on which you can easily attach the hooks in any order, which you can change at...

Code: 694660
CRAFTMAKER Rubber Coated Steel Hooks - Set of 12 pcs

Set of steel hooks by CRAFTMAKER with a rubber coating. The set contains 12 hooks. 5 types of different shapes. Ideal for the basement, shed, or attic. These hooks are to be...

Code: 694612
CRAFTMAKER Quick Action Clamp - 30 cm

Practical and simple plastic Quick Clamp with a steel bar from CRAFTMAKER®. It can also be used in reverse as a spreader. Span 300 mm. Suitable as an accessory for the workbench...

Code: 694650
CRAFTMAKER Bench Dog - 4 pcs

4-piece set of plastic Bench Dogs from CRAFTMAKER® for workbenches, stations, boards, and sawhorses. Contains 4 shaped stops. Practical Bench Dog for your workbench. Ideal as an...

Code: 694630
CRAFTMAKER Compartment for S30

Plastic compartment CRAFTMAKER® for the folding workbench ProStation S30. A practical accessory that you attach to the side of the table. Thanks to its light color, you won't...

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