Centipede accessories

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Bora Centipede Workbench Top

Foldable tabletop for Bora Centipede workbenches with a carrying slot and 20 mm holes across the surface compatible with optional accessories. The Bora Centipede workbenches can...

Code: 2993
Bora Centipede Workbench Top without holes

Foldable tabletop for Bora Centipede workbenches with a carrying slot. The Bora Centipede workbenches can be used with any tabletop, this is an optional choice.

Code: 3832
Bora Centipede Non-Slip

The Bora Centipede Non-Slip provides a high-friction soft surface for the Centipede workbenches. Ideal if you do not want to use X-Cup Brackets or Quick Clamps. The listed...

Code: 3161
Bora Centipede Hanger Hook

Need a helping hand? Thanks to the Bora Centipede Hanger Hook any cable, paint jar or bucket can be hung on the workbench. Makes it easy to move around the workbench while...

Code: 3159
Bora Centipede Quick Clamp

The Bora Centipede Quick Clamps is the easiest and fastest way to secure the work surface to the Bora Centipede workbench. Thanks to its flexible and strong material, worktops...

Code: 3163
Bora Centipede Riser

The Bora Centipede Riser raises the Centipede workbench by 15 cm, from 76 cm to 91 cm. Just slip it into the P-Top, and you can already start working. Does not affect the weight...

Code: 3160
Bora Centipede Wide Panel Support

The Bora Centipede Wide Panel Supports not only help to support your project but are also compatible with the Centipede workbench tops. Each of them provides a large, non-skid...

Code: 3820
Bora Centipede X-Cup Bracket

Bora Centipede X-Cup Bracket designed to hold materials up to 50 x 100 mm or to form a base for a worktop. The listed price is for 1 piece.

Code: 3164
Bora Centipede Double P-Top

The Bora Centipede Double P-Top is designed to hold two accessories at the same time. Thanks to the larger bearing surface, they prevent damage to the steel struts....

Code: 3823
Bora Centipede P-Top

The Bora Centipede P-Top is an absolute must, an essential part of any Bora Centipede workbench. Thanks to the larger bearing surface, they not only prevent damage to the steel...

Code: 3158
Bora Centipede Carry/Storage Bag

Bora Centipede carry/storage bag for Centipede workbenches. Protects the workbench from dirt and moisture, helps in its transport and storage, can store all its accessories.

Code: 2822
Bora Centipede Workbench Table Top Carry Bag

Carry bag for Bora Centipede Tabletop. This bag is the most convenient and durable way to transport your Centipede tabletop. In addition to easy transportation, the bag...

Code: 3817